Fungible Inc. scoops up Cloudistics assets

Fungible, the data processing unit (DPU) unit chip startup, has bought the assets of a data centre composability business called Cloudistics for an undisclosed sum.

The company said the “Cloudistics team [has] core competencies in the software needed to compose disaggregated data centre resources.”

Pradeep Sindhu, CEO of Fungible, said in a statement: “We are doubling down on our vision of revolutionising data centre infrastructure at all scales. We see progress towards this grand vision in two parts: The first, which we’ve already achieved, is to develop a new class of microprocessors called the Fungible DPU that promises to provide significant improvements in infrastructure performance, economics, security and reliability.

“The second, equally important part, is to build software that dynamically composes disaggregated DPU-powered servers into one or more computational clusters, each designed to run a specific workload. With these two parts working together synergistically we are taking a leap forward toward the holy grail of providing high performance and high agility in data centres.”

We can expect Fungible to announce Cloudistics software support for its DPU hardware in pretty short order. Sindhu said: “We call a data centre powered by the Fungible DPU and the Fungible Composer a Fungible Data Center.”

Cloud Platform

Cloudistics was established in 2013 and has taken in $15.m in an A-round. Twenty-three employees are identified on LinkedIn.

The Cloudistics Cloud Platform OS runs on host servers and aggregates compute, storage, network resource into pools along with virtualization and management. Independent virtual data centres can be provisioned in a peer-to-peer geo-distributed private cloud from these pools.

Cloudistics Ignite

In 2018, Cloudistics launched Ignite, a set of software services to handle IaaS deployments on qualified hardware, with a cloud-hosted multi-tenant management portal. The company said it saw a 400 per cent increase in customer adoption in 2018 compared with the prior year.

Lenovo announced the ThinkAgile CP Series composable cloud platform, a ‘cloud-in-a-box’, using Cloudistics software, in May 2019.