Hitachi Vantara ranks highest on GigaOM enterprise object storage radar screen

GigaOm has published supplier comparisons for object storage and Kubernetes storage, using its Radar marketscape methodology.

The top object storage suppliers in the leaders’ area are Hitachi Vantara, Scality, NetApp and Minio, followed by Cloudian and Caringo. Red Hat and SwiftStack (soon to be acquired by NVIDIA), are poised to enter the leader’s area. 

New entrant OpenIO is about to enter the challengers’ area, which is occupied by slow-moving IBM, Dell EMC and Quantum.

In his enterprise object storage report, analyst Enrico Signoretti writes: “In the past, organizations perceived object storage as a tactical way to save money with a secondary or tertiary storage tier.” This has changed and “for some organizations, object-stores can be considered primary storage similar to a block storage array, if it is used by business and mission-critical applications.” 

Kubernetes storage

Kubernetes container storage is a new and rapidly evolving market. “In most cases, Kubernetes infrastructures are still relatively small,” Signoretti notes, “and applications running on them are fairly simple, with limited data storage needs.”

GigaOM classifies Portwork as the runaway (our term) leader, with Diamanti as the only other supplier in the leaders’ area. Challengers include Maya Data, NetApp and Pure Storage, which are each positioned to move into the leaders’s area, and to a lesser extent, StorageOS, DataCore and Datera. 

Infinidat and Red Hat are the remaining challengers. Dell EMC, Hitachi Vantara and Dell EMC are classed as new entrants and slow movers.

Signoretti’s reports are available to subscribers but you can read the introductory paragraphs and inspect the diagrams by visiting GigaOm’s website.