Quantum builds out Cloud Storage Platform with storage for videocams

Quantum is rolling out the all-disk VS-Series to support recording data from tens to 1,000s of video cameras. The company claims it has the best camera density available.

Technically the hardware is straightforward with Intel servers and direct-attached disks. The software is Quantum’s Cloud Services Platform (CSP), announced last week, which Jamie Lerner, Quantum CEO, said was “the most significant product launch we’ve done in years”.

CSP can run on bare metal, or in a virtualized or hyperconverged server.

The VS-Series consists of CSP, on its own or in four hardware configurations:

  • VS102T and VST104x mini-towers with 24TB and 48TB max raw capacity using 12TB drives
  • VS1104 – 1U with 48TB capacity limit – 12TB drives
  • VS2112 and VS2124 – 2U with 144TB and 288TB in–box capacity maximums and expansion capability – 12TB drives
  • VS4160 – 4U server rack enclosures with 720TB and expansion capability.

All the disks are hot-swap drives and Quantum notes that capacities should rise by 33 per cent later this year. That means that 16TB disk drives are on their way.

The VST10x mini-tower appliances, and the VS2112 and VS2124 2U servers, are available this quarter. The larger VS4160 will come later this year.

Cloud Storage Platform

Cloud Storage Platform includes a group of Video Management System (VMS) applications: VMS Management Server, VMS Recorder, Access Control VM and SQL Server. The 2U and 4U systems can scale up capacity with expansion cabinets and the systems, in general, can also scale-out.

CSP supports active:active clustering, failover and protection against up to four hard disk drive failures per node, with the mini-tower system having reduced data protection facilities. RAID and erasure coding are used. There is protection against VMS Recorder failure. Synchronous inter-node replication and restart protects against node and virtual machine app failure.

Device block interfaces includeSCSI, SAS, SATA and NVMe.

The basic tech specs are these:

More detailed specs are in this table: