Pound-for-pound rankings: Top 25 online backup suppliers

Backup Review’s ranking of the top 25 online backup suppliers in four categories is an eyebrow raiser.

We think this is a useful resource for choosing online backup services even if it upsets a few assumptions about big player dominance.

Backup Review was set up in 2004 “to provide objective and timely information to buyers of online backup and storage services.” It provides a “monthly ranking of the top 25 providers in each of the consumer, SMB and enterprise sectors” and so-called Enablers.

These enable others to sell their backup services and the category is described here. Broadly they are suppliers who provide backup software to others to sell on as a service.

As you can see from the table  below, big name does not equal high rank. 

The asterisks in the table indicate:

  • * Storage and collaboration solution good for consumers as well as enterprises.
  • ** Backupify is a backup tool for social networking accounts (e.g. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • *** Replication solution

Ranking criteria include speed, security, reliability, uptime, tech support quality and accessibility, and cost. Backup Review states: “We also take into consideration news releases companies publish in the preceding month, server stability, reports from our mystery shoppers, our own reviews, the company’s culture and ethics, users’ feedback, company corporate blogs, and more.”