Amazon buys replicating CloudEndure for AWS

Amazon is buying CloudEndure, an Israeli startup which supplies replication-based, multi-cloud business continuity, migration and disaster recovery services.

CloudEndure was setup in 2012 in Tel Aviv and is now headquartered in New York, USA, with R&D in Israel.

The firm has raised around $18m in funding from VCs and strategic investors, including Dell Technologies Capital, VMware, Mitsui, Infosys, and Magma Venture Partners.

CloudEndure technology uses continuous block-level replication and automatic VM conversion to build an application copy in the target cloud –  AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform. This can be spun up quickly when needed. 

The company has OEM deals with Google Cloud (VM Migration Service), Cisco (CloudCenter Disaster Recovery and Migration) and Sungard Availability Services (Cloud Recovery.)

It’s also available on Azure Marketplace as a SaaS Subscription.

According to a  report, Amazon is paying $250m for CloudEndure and the deal is expected to close in a few days. That will give valuation cheer to UK-based competitor WANdisco which also uses replication to send production data to the cloud.