Taejin Infotech gets up to speed in SPC-1 league table

Taejin Infotech has established the best price/performance for million-plus IOPS arrays in the SPC-1 benchmark.

Earlier this week we noted the emergence of a new SPC-1 price/performance class with Korean supplier Taijin scoring 1.5 million IOPS at $326.75 per thousand SPC-1 IOPS (SPC-1 KIOPS).

That was with a seven-node Jet-Speed system. Today we learnt it recorded 1,510,150 SPC-1 IOPS with a price/performance of $287.01/SPC-1 KIOPS, using a 10-node Jet-Speed rig.

By comparison the NetApp A800 scored 2,401,171 SPC-1 IOPS and $1,154.53/SPC-1 KIOPS. This performance is comparable with the Jet-Speed  10-node but at quadruple the price.

Here is a list of the systems scoring more than a million IOPS on the SPC-1 rankings.