Virtual Instruments gives VirtualWisdom a big makeover

Virtual Instruments has released VirtualWisdom 6.0, a major release of its infrastructure performance monitoring product.

V6.0 adds cloud integrations and extended correlation of events across infrastructure elements to better visualise and fix application performance issues.

V5.4 of VirtualWisdom came out just over a year ago and V6.0 continues the work of monitoring the performance of IT infrastructure performance in the context of applications.

The whole point of an IT infrastructure is to run applications reliably and quickly. At the same time the infrastructure must observe service-level agreements and balance app demands so that is used efficiently, i.e., neither wastefully nor in a way that hobbles app performance.

So much so obvious, but an IT infrastructure is fearsomely complicated and always evolving. Virtual Instruments suggests that the scale and complexity of modern virtualized, multi-cloud environments can even be beyond human comprehension.

If a picture says a thousand words…

Here are some schematic charts that illustrate the levels of complexity involved:

The five aspects of app-centric performance monitoring: infrastructure, network, application,  digital experience and, the holy grail, algorithmic IT operations

IT infrastructure stack high-level elements
Generalised infrastructure performance monitoring aspects

Generalised storage array components
Generalised network scheme

Let’s get visual

The charts above indicate the enormous increase in the complexity of the hardware and software components as you delve deeper into the IT infrastructure.

To get a handle on this, IT admins need to visualise, the myriad compute, storage and network components in the context of the applications.

This is a necessary first step before you can dive into infrastructure elements and see how the effects of low-level events can propagate through the infrastructure and mess with app performance.

Virtual Wisdom discovers and maps applications to the infrastructure to understand where each application lives and how it behaves on top of the infrastructure, in addition to discerning the business value and SLA tier of each application.

When end-to-end visibility is established, VirtualWisdom applies real-time, AI-based analytics that include machine learning, statistical analysis, heuristics and expert systems. The software provides application service assurance,  predictive capacity management, workload infrastructure balancing, and problem resolution and avoidance.

Virtual Wisdom also integrates with third-party applications for network and app-level information which it then ties to its infrastructure knowledge base:

Virtual Wisdom third-party linkages

Having laid out this background context, I now refer you to  VirtualWisdom 6.0’s long list of product features as provided by Virtual Instruments.