DDN completes clean SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark sweep

DDN has submitted a winning VDA workload benchmark in the SPEC SFS 2014 performance suite.

The SPEC SFS2014 benchmark tests filer performance. Earlier this month DDN submitted four SPEC SFS 2014 workload results:

  • Builds – 1,500 with an Overall Response Time (ORT) of 0.19ms
  • EDA – 800 with 0.29ms ORT
  • VDI – 800 with 2.58ms ORT
  • Databases – 750 with 0.61ms ORT

To date DDN is the only vendor to submit VDI, database or EDA results.

The Build result is a record – 25 per cent faster than an E8 NVMe storage system using Intel Optane 3D XPoint drives.

DDN’s VDA benchmark achieved 3,400 streams, 65 per cent better than its nearest competitor, a Cisco UCS S3260 system using MapR-XD.

DDN’s overall response time was 50.07 msec.

DDN’s system was its SFA 14KX array, fitted with 72 x MLC (2bits/cell) SSDs, 400GB SS200 SAS drives from Hitachi GST. The Exascaler software is IBM’s Spectrum Scale parallel file system.

Here is a table and chart showing all the VDA results:

Tabulated VDA workload results for SPEC SFS 201 benchmark

I am not a fan of the SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark,  as I discuss in more detail in this article. But very briefly,  the benchmark needs a price/performance element to make it useful for real world computing.