Cohesity responds to allure of Azure with integrations galore

Secondary storage converger Cohesity is cuddling up to Microsoft by integrating its Pegasus v6.1 backup software with Office 365 Exchange Online and adding support for Azure Data Box.

The Office 365 integration is slated for general availability before the end of the calendar year, while the Azure Data Box integration is live today.

Accordingly, we’ll devote the rest of the  article to Cohesity’s work with Azure Data Box, which sees it seed large datasets in Azure Blob Storage, and  adding disaster recovery capabilities using Azure.  

Azure Data Box helps businesses transfer large amounts of data to Azure, when they have limited network availability. Through this integration, Cohesity customers can register Azure Data Box as an external target, create a policy-based protection job, and subsequently archive data to Azure Data Box.

Customers can do this through Cohesity’s interface, using the same approach for archiving data to Azure Blob Storage. They can also use Cohesity’s indexing capabilities to recover the relevant dataset when required. 

Cohesity customers can now use Azure for disaster recovery with new failover and failback capabilities. Sysadmins can spin up virtual machines (VMs) in Azure based on on-premises backups and then bring those workloads back to the original location at the end of the disaster.

By automating parts of the disaster recovery process, Cohesity claims business continuity is made simpler and administrators’ lives are easier.

Time for a nice customer quote, courtesy of  Chris Menard, lead storage administrator, Brown University, who says: “Cohesity Cloud Edition will provide the ability to recover snapshots seamlessly, fully recover VMs directly into Azure, and give us flexibility for using secondary offsite copies with Azure and Cohesity Cloud Edition.”

Microsoft and Cohesity say nearly 100 joint customers around the world have deployed integrated Azure- Cohesity products in the last two quarters. Read more about Cohesity and Azure hereB&F