Intel bumps up client Optane SSD capacities

Intel has added SSD 905P products to its Optanical garden, with capacities up to 1.5TB.

These client device SSDs more than triple the 480GB SSD 900 Optane SSD’s capacity – the enterprise data centre DC 4800X Optane drive has been at the 1.5TB capacity level for a while. The 905P line was introduced in May 2018, and topped out at 960GB.

Optane SSD 905P formats; AIC, U.2 and M.2

The 905P comes in AIC, U.2 and M.2 formats, with capacities of 1.5TB (AIC and U.2), 480 and 960GB (AIC), and 380GB (M.2). The random read/write IOPS are up to 575,000/550,000, which is a little higher than the 900’s 550,000 random read IOPS.

Its MTBF rating is 1.6 million hours and the interface is PCIe 3.0, x4, NVMe. The

Sequential read/write bandwidth is up to 2.7/2.2GB/sec; again faster than than the 900 with its 2.5/2.0GB/sec. The latency numbers are <10 μs  read/<11 μs write. The endurance is 10 drive writes/day, Intel claiming this makes it the highest endurance client SSD in the market today.

Inspect the Optane 905P product page here and a product brief here.

And here are Intel’s list prices:

  • AIC 960GB – from $1,299
  • U.2 480GB – from $549

No prices were announced for the 1.5TB U.2 or AIC, or the 380TB M.2 drives,  which suggests these are not available yet. B&F