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Effective storage strategies for a new year

WEBINAR: We all want flexible, cheap storage in the face of fast-growing data volumes. Blink and there’s more. A hundred thousand times more every second according to some estimates....

Where did the VCs invest storage startup dollars in 2023? (Clue: AI)

Venture Capitalists invested $1.3 billion in 17 storage startups in 2023, yet the bulk of that cash injection went to just four businesses that are weaving AI into their...

Discover the ‘2024 Block Data Storage Buyer’s Guide’

Webinar: We consume data, and we create it - exponentially. The expectation is that we will be using 180 zettabytes of data globally by 2025.This means that what we...
Charlie Giancarlo

Pure Storage shifts focus to as-a-service model

Pure Storage expects more than half of its revenue to come from subscriptions as it shifts from product sales to become an as-a-service supplier. This change in viewpoint is detailed...

SSD controller, object and block cloud storage predictions

Storage suppliers predictions generally predict that the supplier’s products will be successful - because they represent the view of the market through the supplier’s own lens. No supplier is...
Storage news

Storage Ticker – December 19

Cloud storage provider Backblaze has kicked off a Network Stats blog series explaining how Backblaze is connected to the internet and what that means for customers. The first post covers...

Infinidat goes down Arrow Electronics manufacturing route

Infinidat has decided to use Arrow Electronics to manufacture its InfiniBox-based storage arrays. Arrow Electronics provides global product manufacturing services as well as being a value-added distributor. It says customers...

PEAK:AIO GPUDirect performance validated by HPE

Startup PEAK:AIO has had its top-tier GPU data delivery performance validated in testing by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. PEAK:AIO is a UK startup providing storage software for the AI market based on...

IBM Storage Ceph gets locked objects and more

IBM has updated Ceph with object lock immutability for ransomware protection and previews of NVMe-oF and NFS to object ingest. Storage Ceph is what IBM now calls Red Hat Ceph,...

DataCore bringing block-level tiering to SANsymphony

DataCore is updating its SANsymphony software with block-level tiering to move cold data to less costly secondary storage. In an IT Press Tour briefing, Alexander Best, DataCore senior director for...

Storage news ticker – December 4

Airbyte, supplier of an open source data integration platform, announced availability of certified connectors for MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases, enabling datasets of unlimited size to be moved to...

NetApp sets up all-flash SME reseller deal with Fujitsu virtualized servers

Looking to expand its low end business, NetApp has set up an entry-level all-flash array reselling deal with Fujitsu. Under the arrangement, Japan’s Fujitsu will punt its Primergy servers to...