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Commvault launches multi-vendor cyber resilience partnerships

Commvault, which just announced its all-in-one Commvault Cloud software infrastructure, has set up multiple security supplier agreements to provide comprehensive cyber resilience, security, and data intelligence capabilities. Commvault believes collaboration...

Rubrik runs Ruby copilot on GenAI rails

Rubrik has jumped aboard the generative AI copilot train with Ruby to speed cyber detection, recovery, and resilience.   Rubrik joins Druva (Dru) and Commvault (Arlie) who also have data protection...

Dell unveils AI and analytics storage appliance

Dell has produced the ObjectScale XF960, an all-flash, scale-out appliance for generative AI and real-time analytics work. Update: Removed VSAN and Tanzu support from ObjectScale. Added updated XF960 throughput numbers;...

Commvault announces Arlie GenAI copilot at Shift shindig

Commvault is unifying its data protection and resiliency offerings in a Commvault Cloud with single pane of glass management, threat prediction and recovery features, and an Arlie –  short for...

DDN’s petabyte scale and fast Infinia object store developed from the ground up

DDN is launching an Infinia scale-out object storage software product designed from the ground up for AI and cloud environments and optimized for flash drives. Infinia has been developed because...

Cohesity SmartFiles becomes Snowflake analytics playground

Cohesity is using the Snowflake data warehouse’s external table feature to enable Snowflake analytics to access SmartFiles data. Snowflake provides cloud data warehouse facilities running in AWS, Azure and GCP....

Storage News Ticker – November 3

Open-source player Airbyte, which provides data source to destination connector tech, has a "Powered by Airbyte" version that enables software developers to embed over 100 integrations into their applications....

Xinnor soups up Lustre for HPC and AI with xiRAID

Software RAID house Xinnor has developed xiSTORE, an HPC and AI market storage software stack using its xiRAID and the Lustre parallel filesystem with off-the-shelf hardware. Xinnor's xiRAID software is...

Snowflake unleashes Snowday announcement blizzard

Snowflake has announced improved support for external data, app development, generative AI models, data governance, and cost management directly in its data warehouse cloud at the Snowday 2023 gabfest. The...

IBM unveils Storage Scale System 6000 for AI workloads

IBM has launched a new Storage Scale appliance with twice the throughput of the current high-end ESS 3500. Storage Scale is IBM's established parallel file system software previously called GPFS...