JK Tech is not hallucinating over its AI business insights offer

Global digital consulting firm JK Tech is seeking to improve enterprise AI data insights with the launch of its Google-driven JIVA platform.

The generative AI (Gen AI) technology promises improved data accessibility, while “notably enhancing” precision and minimizing hallucinations – a common challenge when using traditional large language models. JK Tech has implemented Gen AI in the automotive insurance sector where, for example, Gen AI chatbots can help handle initial claim registration, which reduces claim handling time by up to 50 percent. This helps both the insurer, which can handle more claims in less time, and the policyholder, who receives their payout faster.

Using “advanced” Gen AI technologies, JIVA uses Google’s Knowledge Graph and other tools to construct a dynamic interconnected graph that fosters traceability and contextual comprehension.  

Dipankar Ganguly.

The in-context training and reasoning engine within JIVA facilitates “deeper understanding,” leading to more accurate conclusions. The Nodal Level Security is a “unique feature” of JIVA, claims the Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India-headquartered provider. It integrates enterprise access management, ensuring secure data access, and mitigating the risk of data misinterpretation.

“As organizations continue to navigate the complexities of digitization, data has become a critical asset for strategic decision-making and driving innovation,” explained Dipankar Ganguly, chief technology officer of JK Tech. “We believe in unleashing the full potential of Gen AI in the digital transformation journey of businesses. Through in-depth discovery sessions, we work with clients to identify key areas where Gen AI can deliver tangible value.”

The offer includes customization and integration tailored to specific needs, end-to-end training, and “seamless” implementation.  

“Through our ongoing support and optimization services, we remain committed to keeping our customers’ Gen AI initiatives innovative, and leading the way in the evolving business environment,” declared Ganguly.

JK Tech’s market sweet spots are retail and consumer products, insurance, financial services, and healthcare industries – all verticals that are big on trying to make AI work in a meaningful way.