Rubrik and CrowdStrike link arms for enhanced threat detection

Data protection outfit Rubrik is feeding data to CrowdStrike in a bid to improve its attack detection and response.

CrowdStrike’s Falcon XDR product ingests data from various security tool repositories across a customer’s IT estate and uses AI to help it hunt threats and respond to attacks. It has been involved in investigations of several high-profile cyberattack investigations, such as the 2014 Sony Pictures breach and the cyberattacks and email leaks at the Democratic National Committee.

The more data it has about IT estate activities, particularly those involving critical data, the better. Rubrik’s integration may well remove a blindspot from CrowdStrike’s threat hunting activities.

Anneka Gupta, Rubrik
Anneka Gupta

Anneka Gupta, Rubrik chief product officer, said: ”The gap between threat detection, data discovery, and classification creates significant visibility challenges for security teams defending critical data. With CrowdStrike, we are helping our customers up the ante against cyber adversaries, allowing security teams to identify and defend against attacks swiftly – and ultimately boost cyber resilience.”

CrowdStrike’s chief business officer, Daniel Bernard, added: “Our partnership with Rubrik strengthens CrowdStrike’s data gravity, unifying threat detection with data discovery, classification and backup. Through this partnership, we’re delivering the visibility and context  security teams need to prioritize and accelerate response actions required to stop breaches of sensitive information – all from a single platform.” 

The company says it generates security telemetry and enriches it with adversary intelligence and human expertise via its Falcon platform. The Rubrik data feed to Falcon’s LogScale functionality provides data target indicators, particularly for critical data, aiding attack behavior characterization.

With the integration, Rubrik says customers can optimize security and IT operations, reduce alert fatigue, and better focus efforts on stopping data breaches.

Arch Rubrik rival Cohesity set up an integration with CrowdStrike and its Falcon LogScale dashboard in November last year as part of Cohesity’s Data Security Alliance activities. The Falcon LogScale and Cohesity DataHawk combo helps provide faster correlation, investigation, and response to incidents in one location. Cohesity said the CrowdStrike integration provides closed-loop detection and response for attacks directly within the CrowdStrike Falcon platform. 

Rubrik Security Cloud for Falcon Logscale is available from today in the CrowdStrike Marketplace. Learn more at an upcoming webinar on Wednesday, April 24, at 2pm ET.