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NeuroBlade aims to be ‘the Nvidia of data analytics’

Hyperscalers who use SQL processing units (SPUs) to offload x86 CPUs running analytics workloads could get a 100x or more acceleration of their jobs, enabling...

Dell wields NeuroBlade to cut analytics time

Dell is partnering with startup NeuroBlade to put SQL query-accelerating PCIe cards in select PowerEdge servers to speed up high throughput data analytics. Update. Note...

NeuroBlade and the analytics supply chain

Optimizing the digital data supply chain for SQL query processing is what drives the NeuroBlade founders and their hyper compute for analytics technology. Co-founders...

Dearly beloved: NeuroBlade goes to Silicon Valley to preach hyper compute for analytics message

Israeli SQL query acceleration startup NeuroBlade has set up a US HQ in Silicon Valley from where its co-founder and CTO will evangelise hyper...

NeuroBladers build a processing-in-memory analytics chip and server

An Israeli startup called NeuroBlade has exited stealth mode, built a processing-in-memory (PIM) analytics chip combining DRAM and thousands of cores, put four of...

Storage news ticker – September 18

Cigent Technology, which supplies zero trust data protection, is partnering with encrypted storage drive supplier Kanguru to bring full disk encryption to global customers....

Storage news ticker – October 24

Astera Labs demonstrated how datacenter operators can improve performance and reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with its CXL, PCIe 5.0, and Ethernet Connectivity...
FMS 2022 attendees

Flash Memory Summit thematic extraction

Some three thousand people from the flash and SSD supply industry gratefully met at the Flash Memory Summit 2022 in the Santa Clara convention...