Cloud storage slinger Wasabi sets up Italian region

Wasabi Fields

Cloud storage provider Wasabi is setting up an Italian region in partnership with Italian telco Retelit.

Wasabi has a dual track strategy. Its first and main track is offering single-tier, S3-compatible cloud storage for less than Amazon. This has fuelled its expansion thus far with 14 regions across the globe, with five of them, including the latest Italian one, in Europe. The second service track is offering a cloud storage service for the entertainment and media industry with AI-powered content curation. This is based on its Curio AI acquisition in January.

Mark Vella

Mark Vella, Wasabi Technologies’ VP for business development out out a canned quote: “As our business surged in Europe over the last few years, Italy emerged as the next logical expansion location based on demand.” 

Retelit has a fiber-optic network spanning Italy and elsewhere plus data centers throughout Italy and international submarine cables. It offers connectivity (fiber-optic network leasing) and other digital infrastructure services, such as data centers and cloud-based services, to other telcos via wholesale, and to businesses. It is owned by a private equity fund: Asterion Industrial Partners

The Retelit-Wasabi deal has two aspects. First Retelit will start selling Wasabi’ storage service. Secondly, Wasabi will set up an Italian region hosted in the Avalon 3 data center in Retelit’s Milan-based Avalon campus.

Vella said:  “By leveraging Retelit’s Avalon 3 datacenter in Milan, together with Retelit’s robust infrastructure, local expertise, and broad range of Italian enterprise customers, we can deliver unparalleled speed, reliability, and cost-efficiency in data storage to  significantly advance Italy’s digital transformation.” 

Mimmo Zappi

The two companies say they can offer an Italian cloud storage location to satisfy ltalian, EU, and global regulations concerning data sovereignty

Mimmo Zappi, Retelit CCO, said: “We are really proud that Wasabi chose our Avalon 3 datacenter in Milan to host its first-ever  Italian storage region. At the same time our partnership with Wasabi strengthens our position as a leader in the technology infrastructure sector and enables us to provide our customers with a superior storage solution that is both cost-effective and high-performing.  

“By enhancing our portfolio with Wasabi hot cloud storage, we are equipping businesses in Italy with a game-changing solution that delivers unmatched performance, scalability, and affordability for their organizations.”