Nvidia powers Dataloop and NetApp AI solutions with NIM and NeMo

NIM and NeMo Retriever microservices from Nvidia are being integrated by Dataloop and NetApp into their AI products.

These microservices enable retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) in which generally trained GenAI large language models gain access to a proprietary and private user data such as spreadsheets, presentations, Word docs, mails, POs, whitepapers, etc. This allows these models to augment their training data with real-world user information, which we’re told leads to more accurate and responsive conversational interactions.


Israeli startup Dataloop AI, which supplies end-to-end AI project life cycle software, will work with Nvidia to integrate its AI Enterprise  software platform into Dataloop software. AI Enterprise includes Nvidia’s NIM and NeMo Retriever microservices. Dataloop reckons generative AI could automate up to 70 percent of all business activities, but sustaining AI projects can be difficult, with many companies not making it out of the pilot stages. Providing Nvidia’s technology directly on the Dataloop platform means customers can use a unified, orchestrated platform.

The Dataloop Nvidia integration features:

  • Dataloop’s marketplace to provide access to the Nvidia API catalog, offering performance-optimized, foundation models and API endpoints that can be deployed with Nvidia NIM microservices
  • Ready-made AI systems powered by Nvidia AI, such as pipelines for LLM applications, including summarization and chatbots
  • Nvidia NeMo text embedding-based data curation and search capabilities enabled within the indexed datasets managed on Dataloop


NetApp is supporting Nvidia’s NeMo Retriever GenAI microservices, which connect large language models (LLMs) to proprietary data for RAG to generate more accurate responses. 

It says customers will now be able to “talk to their data,” accessing proprietary business data on NetApp storage without having to compromise security or privacy. NetApp and Nvidia have co-developed a NeMo RAG capability that can access data stored on NetApp ONTAP systems, both on-premises and in the top three public clouds. 

The data can include spreadsheets, documents, presentations, technical drawings, images, meeting recordings, or even data from their ERP or CRM systems through simple prompts. NetApp says there are more than 500 joint NetApp-Nvidia customers. It has systems built on Nvidia’s DGX BasePOD, certified for DGX SuperPOD, and the new OVX systems storage validation program.

NetApp’s “Talk to your Data” capabilities will be demonstrated at GTC, booth #1616 in the AI Center of Excellence.