Rubrik runs Ruby copilot on GenAI rails

Rubrik has jumped aboard the generative AI copilot train with Ruby to speed cyber detection, recovery, and resilience.  

Rubrik joins Druva (Dru) and Commvault (Arlie) who also have data protection copilots. A copilot is a generative AI large language model trained on the supplier’s products and services and able to interpret natural language questions and requests. It can respond in natural language and also generally produce coded statements to activate reports and procedures.

Anneka Gupta, Rubrik chief product officer, said: “Think of Ruby as the personification of a security analyst in AI, who is there to hold the customer’s hand to resolve a security incident much faster than they could do before.” 

Rubrik says it uses AI to help customers in three areas:

  • Security expertise with a guided response process that helps users navigate challenging workflows and speeds recovery from cyber incidents via Ruby.
  • Detecting anomalous activity in data across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS applications, to help customers identify malicious activity and determine the scope of a cyberattack or incident via Rubrik’s Data Threat Engine.
  • A support team, which can be more proactive and targeted in alerting potential problems before they impact an organizations’ systems via Rubrik’s Sentry AI platform. 

Ruby, like Commvault’s Arlie, uses Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI large language model. It also uses Rubrik’s best practices and the expertise of its field teams and insights from its ransomware recovery efforts. It will generate data risk alerts, and users can ask follow-up questions including whether any sensitive data was impacted, or what needs to be done to restore the environment. Ruby will provide guidance on additional questions to pose, and help customers resolve incidents more quickly.

Rubrik Ruby interaction with user
Ruby interaction with a user

It will help less skilled users deal with cyber threats. Gupta said: “Securing business data must be a company-wide imperative; every employee should be empowered with the tools to quickly respond to incidents. Our goal with Ruby is to bridge any skills gaps and eliminate the roadblocks to cyber response so that all organizations realize business continuity and preserve the integrity of their corporate data.”

Rubrik says Ruby is planned to be available in the coming months to Enterprise Edition subscribers who opt in. Over time, Ruby will expand to help customers recover even faster and more effectively from cyber attacks.

Rubrik Ruby malicious file alert
Ruby malicious file alert


Rubrik is positioning Ruby as a copilot, a helpful assistant. It is not saying it is an autonomous cybersecurity agent which can be given the responsibility of looking after an organization. That responsibility is the user’s, with Ruby as a tool.

It will be interesting to see how such a copilot performs during an actual cyber incident and helps recognize it, disarm the malware, and recover data to a clean state. A detailed case study of an incident like this will be fascinating to study

We think that having an AI-driven copilot is going to become table stakes for data protection and security vendors.


Rubrik’s Ruby has nothing to do with the server side, web application framework Ruby on Rails, nor with the Ruby open source programming language.