Pure introduces DRaaS, offers rebate deal

Pure has introduced a Disaster Recovery service and is offering financial and service operation terms that it hopes will encourage customer retention and attract fresh users.

The vendor is pledging to pay customers’ power and rack space costs for the Evergreen//One Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) and Evergreen//Flex subscriptions. Specifically, it’ll be a one-time, upfront payment for the entire term of these contracts, which can be made directly as cash or via service credits (EverGreen//Flex), and is based on kilowatt per hour (kWh) and Rack Unit (RU) fixed rates. The payment is proportional to the customer’s geographic location and contract size. 

At the same time, Pure is going to bring out No Data Migration, Zero Data Loss, and Power and Space Efficiency guarantees, coupled with flexible upgrades and financing, across the Evergreen portfolio. It also announced Pure Protect//DRaaS – a Disaster Recovery as a Service – along with energy efficiency guarantees for its Evergreen portfolio, and scalable AI-powered storage services via its Pure1 management platform. 

Prakash Darji, VP and GM, Digital Experience Business Unit, Pure Storage, issued a statement: “The introduction of Pure Protect //DRaaS, unique Pure1 capabilities for subscription lifecycle operations, and an industry-first sustainability commitment underscore Pure’s pledge to deliver the most secure, smart, and energy-efficient storage services required by modern businesses.”

Scott Sinclair, practice director, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), added: “The introduction of a Paid Power and Rack commitment stretches the limits of innovation in the antiquated enterprise storage market. The latest Evergreen enhancements successfully balances enterprise requirements to make progress towards achieving critical ESG and net zero goals using incentives, while establishing peace of mind when it comes to data loss.”

Pure Storage Evergreen

Pure’s announcement indicates it is “eliminating the growing challenges of managing rising electricity costs and rack unit space” and this “exemplifies what it means to offer a true, seamless cloud experience, on premises.” It’s launching, it claims, enterprise STaaS that aligns TCO savings and long-term efficiency goals. Pure will now pay its customers’ power and rack space costs for storage supplied through Evergreen STaaS and Flex subscriptions. 

Pure Storage power and rack space
Power and rack space payment details


Pure Protect //DRaaS applies to any storage infrastructure and is a consumption-based Disaster Recovery as-a-Service offering that provides customers with clean environments and multiple restore points to recover clean copies of their on-premises vSphere data, to native AWS EC2. If the DRaaS instantiation is due to a ransomware or similar attack it ensures data centers remain isolated for attack investigation.

Pure has also introduced consumption-based disaster recovery via Pure Protect, and a data resilience scoring system via Pure1. This offers the ability to assess entire Pure fleet configurations against leading practices.

Evergreen guarantees and more

Pure’s portfolio of guarantees and business deals is increasing. There are No Data Migration and Zero Data Loss guarantees for Evergreen//One (SLA), Evergreen//Flex, and Evergreen//Forever customers. With the Zero Data Loss guarantee, Pure assures data protection with data recovery services for any hardware or software product-related incidents, at no cost. With the No Data Migration guarantee, Pure covers technology upgrades with no data migrations. Pure says its Evergreen architecture extends equipment life up to ten years or more.

Pure Storage Evergreen

There are expanded guarantees for customers who opt to own their storage via an Evergreen//Forever subscription. A Power and Space Efficiency Guarantee has Watts per tebibyte (TiB) and TiB/Rack measures. If the guaranteed Watts/TiB or TiB/Rack is not met, Pure Storage will cover the tab.

Pure’s Ever Agile program includes a capacity plus controller trade-in delivered at up to 20 percent lower price than new controller costs. Its  Capacity Consolidation program now includes expanded capacity trade-in credits valued at up to 50 percent.

There is an Asset Management and Genealogy service allowing customers and Pure to jointly optimize labor costs to run and operate storage. Customers get full transparency to manage Evergreen assets, contracts, subscriptions, and lifecycle, and get visibility into capacity, energy, and rack space usage. 

Customers can also view how each asset or subscription has evolved over time – including software updates, ramps, expansions, and renewals – and gain insight into upcoming lifecycle events such as EOL, upgrades, or contract expiration. 

Pure customers get a subscription viewer to understand when subscriptions require attention and renewal, predictive tracking of capacity utilization with actionable alerts to optimize reserve commit vs on-demand consumption, and SLA indicators to track how well Pure Storage is meeting performance and efficiency SLAs.

Policy-driven Upgrades are claimed to take the guesswork out of choosing the right Purity release and simplify fleet management.