Hitachi Vantara unifies hybrid storage product range

Hitachi Vantara is unifying its product portfolio as a single hybrid storage platform called Virtual Storage Platform One.

The company’s portfolio includes the VSP (Virtual Storage Platform) high-end and mid-range block arrays, HNAS file storage, VSS (software-defined storage), and the HCP (Hitachi Content Platform) for object data. These products are managed through an Ops Center product. Hitachi Vantara says the VSP One single data platform will provide a simplified experience to consume and manage block, file, object, and mainframe data, with flexible consumption as an appliance or software-defined storage across public cloud and on-premises.

Dan McConnell, Hitachi Vantara
Dan McConnell

According to Dan McConnell, Hitachi Vantara SVP of product management for storage and data infrastructure: “Virtual Storage Platform One marks a significant milestone with our infrastructure strategy. With a consistent data platform, we will provide businesses with the reliability and flexibility to manage their data across various storage environments without compromise.”

This is a strategic reshaping of Hitachi Vantara’s storage offerings. It involves creating a single control plane, data fabric, and data plane across block, file, object, cloud, mainframe, and software-defined storage workloads, managed by a single AI-enabled software stack. The intention is that separate block, file, object, and mainframe data silos will become unified.

VSP One will feature cloud self-service for replication and other data services, and intelligent workload management to optimize storage pools by assigning and rebalancing workloads as conditions change, without hands-on management. There will be integrated copy data management to ensure global availability and fault tolerance, without impacting performance, using replication and synchronous active storage clusters.

Getting there from here

Hitachi Vantara told us: “Starting in early 2024, new products will be brought to market under the Virtual Storage Platform One umbrella. This initially includes the new HNAS (file), VSS (Software Defined Storage, Block and Software Defined Storage, Cloud) followed later by the VSP line and HCP object. Once we have new offerings available under VSP One, the old brands will be retired in line with End-of-Life policies and support. Customers will have seamless, non-disruptive upgrades just like they do with any new product release.”

“Hitachi Ops Center will become the primary brand for infrastructure data management on the platform. Ops Center Clear Sight will become the Customer Experience Portal, giving oversight to all Hitachi Vantara infrastructure. Including built-in element managers to administer the embedded software. Ops Center will still include the same software as in our AIOps software suite, allowing for new projects to be developed and launched under the Ops Center family.”

“Under Virtual Storage Platform One you will still be able to reference specific solutions. These names will be reserved for ordering, support and technical documentation only: 

  • VSP will become “Block” 
  • HNAS will become “File”
  • VSS block will become “SDS Block”
  • VSS Cloud will become “SDS Cloud”

“Our Integrated System Solutions known as Unified Compute Platform (UCP), for both converged and hyper-converged solutions, will continue as an integrated solution using the platform. We will focus on using the platform as the base for the development of integrated solutions that differentiate us from competitive offerings and address specific market needs.”

For more information about Hitachi Vantara’s Virtual Storage Platform One, click here. Hitachi Vantara will be publishing a Virtual Storage Platform One blog, video, and e-book. It is running a launch event titled Architecting Future Innovations With Data over October 10-11.