Infinidat the front runner for enterprise storage innovation, says GigaOm

A GigaOm Radar chart is classifying Infinidat as the leading supplier of innovative primary storage to enterprises, with NetApp heading up the balanced innovation-platform play area.

Analysts Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman have evaluated arrays from Dell, Hitachi Vantara, HPE (Alletra 9000), IBM (FlashSystem) Infinidat, NetApp, Pure Storage and a managed on-premises storage service from Zadara, positioning these vendors in a circular Radar diagram. This has four quarter-circle segments defined by a feature vs platform play horizontal axis and an innovation vs maturity vertical axis. Three concentric rings are overlaid on this with the outer one for new entrants, the middle one for challengers and the inner one for leaders. Vendor placements have direction of progress arrows indicating if they are a forward, fast or out-performing mover.  

The analysts write: “Primary storage systems for large enterprises have adapted quickly to new needs and business requirements, with data now accessed from both on-premises and cloud applications. We’re in a transition phase, moving from storage systems designed to be deployed in datacenters to hybrid and multicloud solutions, with similar functionalities provided on physical or virtual appliances as well as through managed services.”

Here is the chart:

GigaOm chart with Infinidat position

It’s a race with five tightly bunched leading vendors, led by Infinidat and NetApp in the lower right portion of the chart, IBM (leader) and HPE (challenger) together in the upper right area, and Zadara (challenger) an outlier away in the upper left. There are no new entrants.

The authors observe: “NetApp delivers outstanding capabilities for large enterprises both on-premises and in the cloud (as a first-party offering) with solutions architected around its ONTAP operating system (OS) … Infinidat focuses on massive capacity and scalability with its InfiniBox rack-scale solution and also offers the InfiniBox SSA II all-flash architecture oriented at mission-critical workloads.”

Infinidat CMO Eric Herzog issued a statement: “Infinidat is the most innovative enterprise storage solution provider among the eight vendors in the GigaOm Radar report on primary storage, earning our distinction along the lines of Innovation and Platform Play on the analyst chart.”

Infinidat has made the full report freely available here.

It’s instructive to compare this to a previous edition of the Radar report for large enterprise primary storage:

GigaOm chart with Infinidat position

Two vendors have vanished, and the current report authors write: “Excelero was acquired by Nvidia, and its solution is no longer available to new customers, while Pavilion Data ceased business operations in October 2022.” It’s clear that the Zadara offering has become significantly more mature in the latest edition of this report.