New protocols and standards push storage appliances upwards and outwards

Software defined storage is driving a revolution, and dragging traditional hardware along with it.

WEBINAR Storage architectures must constantly evolve to meet rapid changes in enterprise demand for faster, more scalable capacity in line with application and workload requirements. But how do IT departments manage the virtuous cycle that sees software innovation continuously spur advances in storage hardware, which in turn drives further development of storage software in endless rotation?

A distinguished line of industry experts including Anders Graham from Kioxia, Tahmid Rahman from Solidigm, Rick Kutcipal from Broadcom, and Paul McLeod from Supermicro will come together to discuss this issue on 17 August in a session moderated by The Register’s Timothy Prickett Morgan.

They’ll outline how manufacturers are optimizing storage server design using the latest SSD, HDD and SDS technologies, protocols and standards, including QLC and 24G SAS, and discuss the role of PCI-e, NVMe and CXL in next generation disk and storage architectures.

The respective companies will go on to reveal some of the detail behind their commercial and technology partnerships and consider how Supermicro is helping suppliers reach new customers for their storage products and services.

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