Storage news ticker – April 5

Storage news
Storage news

Unstructured data manager Aparavi and cloud storage supplier Wasabi Technologies announced a partnership agreement and validated interoperability of the Aparavi Platform with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage to deliver improved storage consolidation and management. The Aparavi Platform can improve storage consolidation and management on Wasabi by revealing hidden data, data assets, and redundant, outdated and trivial (ROT) data. It reveals companies’ unstructured data footprint so they can identify, classify and optimize, and take advantage of it.


CrossBar’s Resistive RAM technology is now being offered for use in memory applications requiring higher levels of content security. It says the ReRAM cell itself is inherently resistant to physical hacking targeting sensitive information and data stored in memory. It is not feasible to externally read the physical ReRAM cell electrically, magnetically or through imaging techniques even after delamination of the silicon. “MSI performed extensive delayering and inspection of CrossBar’s ReRAM memory silicon through imaging techniques in an attempt to determine its stored content”, said Michael Strizich, President of MicroNet Solutions. “After significant evaluation using sophisticated techniques such as measuring electron beam induced current and passive voltage contrast imaging, we were unsuccessful in determining the contents of the memory array”.

Kubernetes app and data manager Diamanti has a deal with Lenovo whereby it is offering customers Ultima Accelerator – a fully integrated storage and networking solution for Kubernetes, available for a limited time with three free Lenovo servers ($60,000 worth). The product, shipped by Lenovo, comes with Diamanti’s software and offers out-of-the-box full deployment services with Diamanti Kubernetes-certified deployment specialists that can be deployed almost immediately. Within ten days, certified technicians come to deploy the technology, and the Diamanti starter kit fast-tracks the transition to Kubernetes for SMBs, enterprises and managed service providers.

Equalum, a provider of data integration and ingestion products, announced general availability of its Continuous Data Integration Platform (CDIP) v3.0. This is available for on-premises, hybrid or cloud-based operations, including all required Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Targets. The platform supports real-time streaming use cases as well as Batch ETL, Replication and Tier One Change Data Capture. Equalum CDIP provides a drag and drop interface for real-time and batch data pipeline creation. It claims It is the first product of its kind to provide native support for all data integration use cases with no-code and the first to offer Streaming ETL and ELT plus Batch ETL and modern, and multi-modal Change Data Capture all under one, unified platform with a no-code UI.

Intel has appointed David Tuhy as VP and GM of its Optane Group. Tuhy revealed the news on his LinkedIn feed. It was an internal promotion. His post reads: “This is a large business group including media technology development, a manufacturing fab, complete product development teams (ASIC, firmware, validation). The group has in-house marketing, software development and ecosystem enabling. Plus we ship complete PMEM modules and SSDs worldwide. 75 per cent of tier-1 cloud service providers are integrating Optane Technology into their datacenters. We have 1000+ PMEM and 600+ SSD end user design wins (source: Intel sales and marketing trackers 2022).”

Semiconductor machine supplier Intevac announced the receipt of a $54 million order for multiple 200 Lean systems, including eight expanded-module systems, each of which are configured with 28 process chambers for the production of advanced hard disk drive (HDD) media. It’s Intevac’s largest Lean order for 12 years. The systems are scheduled to ship over multiple quarters beginning in mid-2023. Is this a hint that MAMR or HAMR systems are coming from Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital? 


Nutanix has appointed Mandy Dhaliwal as chief marketing officer and Shyam Desirazu as head of engineering. Prior CMO Ben Gibson retired this month. Mandy will be responsible for driving a global marketing strategy. She was most recently the CMO of Boomi and her experience spans high profile positions at venture-backed startups, high-growth businesses and large public corporations including Fugue, BlazeMeter, and EMC. Shyam will work with Nutanix’s executive leadership team to evolve and drive the company’s technology and platform vision, roadmap, innovation strategy, and R&D investments across the portfolio. He joins Nutanix from VMware where he was the VP of Engineering for VMware Cloud on AWS

With AMD buying Pensando for $1.9 billion – a 6x multiple on its $313 million funding – that leaves three full house DPU vendors. There is AMD with its CPUs, GPUs, Pensando DPUs and Xylinx FPGAs, along with Nvidia with its line of GPUs, CPUs, and BlueField DPU/SmartNICs. The third member of this triumvirate is Intel with its CPUs, GPUs, Agilex FPGAs and IPUs (Intel Processing Units) – its term for DPUs. That leaves DPU and composable systems startup Fungible out on its own.

Sabrent has announced an 8TB Rocket 4 Plus NVMe M.2 SSD – that’s a large capacity. It needs a PCIe 4 connection and delivers 7.1GB/sec reads and 6.6GB/sec writes. It features Power Management Support for APST/ASPM/L1.2, SMART and TRIM commands, ONFi 2.3, ONFi 3.0, ONFi 3.2 and ONFi 4.0 interface. The Rocket has wear leveling, bad block management, error correction code, and over-provisioning plus upgradeable firmware.

SK hynix has announced the P5530 SSD using its 128-layer NAND with a Solidigm controller and firmware. We’re told it has a PCIe gen 4 interface and 1TB, 2TB and 4TB capacities. We are not given any performance information or its format; M.2, U.2, whatever. We are told it’s an enterprise SSD with specific data center use cases and targeted deployments in mind, but what specific use cases we have no idea. It will be sold as a Solidigm-branded SSD. We think it could be a product slightly more powerful than Soldigm’s DC-PC5510 and have asked for more information.

SK hynix told us on April 12: “This was a limited release product to only a couple of customers [and] there are no images available to share,” or data sheet either. It’s not a real product yet.

StorMagic has appointed Erik Murrey as its CTO, tasked to build a next-generation software platform. Prior to StorMagic, Murrey served as CTO and VP of engineering for StrongBox Data Solutions, where he led the global engineering team to deliver advanced analytics, data management and SaaS cloud solutions. He also held lead architect and CTO positions at DigitalGlobe and AvConnect. The Strongbox exec team was changed in November last year.

Replicator WANdisco has signed a contract worth $630,000 with one of the largest insurance groups in Europe. This contract is structured as a Commit-to-Consume transaction and revenues will begin to be realised this year. The Group intends to move large amounts of Internet of Things (IoT) data, originally collected from connected cars to the cloud, enabling it to implement new insurance models based on driving behaviours. It will use WANdisco’s LiveData Migrator (LDM) and LiveData Migrator for Azure (LDMA) to automate the migration of IoT data to multiple cloud providers including AWS, Azure and Google.