How to take out the risk of on-prem to cloud migration

Promo It’s easy to think that moving to the cloud is a simple case of lifting and shifting your existing setup onto somebody else’s platform.

Which may be OK, if you’re just talking about applications and you’re happy for their flaws and technical debt to be replicated in the cloud too. But in the real world, even the most straightforward transitions will still need some degree of refactoring.

Things become even more complicated when it comes to the data your organization relies on to power those apps. If you’re doing any sort of big data work, we’re talking TBs and PBs of live data, which needs to be kept in sync, securely.

Even if you’re looking at one way migration, you still have to decide when to do the final cut-over and brace yourself for down time. Take a hybrid or multi-cloud approach, and you’ll need to develop a consistent approach to data replication that will support your platforms way into the future.

All of which raises some pretty big questions, but you can begin to get answers by joining our webcast on June 3 at 9:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT, when we’ll be looking at Zero Disruption Cloud Data Migration.

Your host will be our broadcast data repository Tim Phillips, who is joined by Blocks and Files’ storage guru Chris Mellor and WANdisco’s CTO Paul Scott-Murphy.

Together, they’ll talk you through the realities of on-prem to cloud migration, and how to make this process as efficient and risk free as possible.

They’ll also highlight the most technical challenges around cloud data migration, and how you should tackle them.

And they’ll lay out a proven framework for planning and executing a data-first migration.

All you need is to migrate a few details into the registration page here, and we’ll update your calendar and give you a nudge on the day. Then all you need to do is sit back, relax and ponder exactly how smooth a cloud migration can really be.