Infinidat raises InfiniGuard’s ransomware defences with virtual airgap

Infinidat has added InfiniGuard CyberRecovery to its enterprise array feature set with near-instantaneous recovery from immutable snapshots to counter ransomware.

The array software provides write once, read many (WORM) snapshots of an entire environment along with policy-based, point-in-time recovery. Infinidat said the snapshots cannot be corrupted by a ransomware attack. If such an attack corrupts files the latest snapshot just before the ransomware attack can recover data in minutes.

Infinidat CEO Phil Bullinger supplied the announcement statement: “We are enabling enterprise customers to establish a new line of defence for data backup that is critical in 2021 and beyond.”

InfiniGuard software runs on an InfiniBox array and can store backup files from Commvault, IBM Spectrum Protect, Veeam, Veritas and other data protection products as well as from databases such as IBM DB2, Oracle, SAP and SQL Server. The InfiniGuard software makes immutable snapshots of these backups, according to the customer’s policies, and these are used for recovery if the original backup data is suspect.

InfiniGuard diagram

In effect, Infinidat has created a virtual air-gap between the backup datasets stored on the InfiniBox array and the snapshots of the backups. The InfiniBox contents can be replicated to other local or remote systems to guard against InfiniBox failure.

Data is restored from all the disk spindles in the InfiniGuard InfiniBox array in parallel, contributing to the recovery speed. Data verification can be tested before recovery in an isolated or sandbox environment.

Greg Harrison, VP Global Accounts at Infinibox channel partner CBTS, supplied a statement: “The fast speed with which you can recover, with full data integrity, makes InfiniGuard the rock star of cyber recovery.