Diamanti extends Kubernetes support to Google Cloud

Diamanti has added Google Cloud support with the new release of the Spektra Kubernetes management platform.

Spektra manages Kubernetes cluster on-premises and in the cloud. The software includes ‘Ultima’, a network and storage data plane that provisions storage and network resources for apps in VMware Tanzu, Red Hat OpenShift, Amazon EKS and Azure Kubernetes Service. With the latest release of Spektra – V3.2 – Ultima now supports Google Kubernetes Engine.

B&F diagram

Diamanti claims Ultima lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) by avoiding or minimising certain cloud provider charges for backup, data protection, disaster recovery, and multi-zone availability capabilities.

Users can set up disaster recovery between two Google Kubernetes clusters and between on-premises clusters and GCP. Applications can be migrated between Ultima-supported environments.

Diamanti diagram.

Spektra 3.2 includes:

  • The existing Docker runtime container interface, can be replaced by Cri-O, which enables  Kubernetes to run containers directly without as much tools and code as the Docker runtime,
  • Searchable application logs for applications to help diagnose issues and shorten fix time,
  • Ability to launch terminals with command line interfaces directly in the Specktra user interface to speed problem-handling.

Together with HPE Ezmeral, MayaData, NetApp Astra and many others, Diamanti aims to be the Kubernetes concierge for enterprises. Hybrid and multi-cloud portability and protection in the Kubernetes environment is hard work; Diamanti says it makes the work easier.