Commvault plays nicely with Qumulo at the backup party

Qumulo has integrated its scale-out file system with Commvault’s Backup & Recovery to store, manage and protect billions of files.

Commvault’s product backs up data from physical, virtual and containerised servers and store backups on target appliances such as Commvault’s HyperScale X – and now Qumulo – or send them to the public cloud.

Qumulo’s scale-out and parallel access Core system can store billions of files on-premises with its own flash and hybrid flash/disk filer hardware or in the public cloud. Qumulo’s Protect software provides snapshot and replication-based backup and disaster recovery for files stored on the Core system.

How they work together

  • Ability for Commvault B&R users to create, compare and delete snapshots stored on the Qumulo Core system
  • Management of file data changes in real-time via REST APIs to know which files within data sets have changed
  • Enabling backup jobs to begin in minutes instead of hours – up to 28 times faster than previously possible, the companies say
  • Management of backup and restore jobs in Commvault’s Command Centre facility, with job status available in real-time
  • Elimination of slow ‘tree-walks’ (file/folder scans) to identify file changes

Backup jobs can be scheduled to run at regular intervals and job file backup actions automatically set up by detecting file data set changes. This detection necessitates a full data set folder scan, called a tree walk. This can take so long in large data sets that it exceeds the time between the scheduled backups, which means changed files may not be backed up, putting data at risk. Qumulo’s software technology speeds up file system scans and avoids that problem. 

The specific software versions for the integration are Commvault Backup & Recovery R11.22 and Qumulo Core v3.0.0.

What the companies say

Wenceslao Lada, Commvault’s VP for Technical Alliances, said the partnership “will offer our customers the simplicity of Qumulo’s data management portfolio while leveraging the reliability and robustness of our premium quality/market leading data protection, backup, and recovery solutions across hybrid cloud environments.”

Ben Gitenstein, VP for Product Management at Qumulo, had this to say: “Whether customers are storing and backing up data in the cloud or on-premises, with Qumulo and Commvault, they can easily manage and protect massive unstructured data sets with ease, furthering their ability to accelerate innovation and unleash the power of their data, wherever it resides.”