Komprise adds another brick to hybrid cloud data management wall

Komprise has updated its Intelligent Data Management to include AWS cloud data. The company’s new Cloud Data Growth Analytics (CDGA) utility builds and maintains an index of cloud file/object storage items, buckets, tiers, activities and costs. This is collated for the customer across their AWS accounts and the storage tiers inside each account. Storage admins can track file storage costs by tier and by account, see how capacity usage is trending and set cost alerts.

CDGA for AWS is available today and additional public cloud coverage is pencilled for the end of the year.

Komprise is building a data management abstraction layer that covers on-premises and the three main public cloud environments. Its goal is to enable customers to tier files to/from on-premises file stores to on-premises object stores and public cloud object stores.

The on-premises stores will be cross-data centre and the public cloud stores will be multi-region. In both cases data location and storage tier are controlled to get the right data into the right place and cost-optimised tier of storage.

Blocks & Files diagram.

As part of this effort Komprise announced object storage tiering in December last year. This moves objects between cloud object classes and between on-premises object stores.

Elastic Data Management,launched in March, is another building block. This data mover takes NFS/SMB/CIFS file data and moves it across a network to a target NAS system or via S3 to object storage systems or the public cloud.


We see a growing capability for file and object movement and management across the public cloud and on-premises environments. Komprise needs to extend coverage to look at cloud file offerings, such as Google’s Elastifile services, AWS Elastic File Systems, and services like NetApp Cloud Volumes and other proprietary third-party file services in the public clouds.

A growing number of companies are developing combined on-premises and public cloud file and object management and access services. They include Cohesity, Hammerspace, InfiniteIO and Komprise. The contenders are barrelling into this area from different starting points and with different intentions. But they will all end up as a single class of file and object storage managers.

Data protectors, such as Commvault, Druva and Rubrik and Dell EMC – with its new DataIQ offering – are also arriving on the scene. Their entry point is backup and they are evolving towards unstructured data management. Clumio and HYCU could evolve this way too as they develop their multi-cloud/on-premises backup management software.

The result will be an almighty competitive clash as all these suppliers realise they are moving into the same general area and try to differentiate themselves with a marketing message blizzard.