Spectra Logic: We do Azure now

Spectra Logic has upgraded its StorCycle file lifecycle management software, with V3.3 adding support for Azure, more AWS S3 tiers, and improved workflows.

StorCycle takes ageing files from expensive primary storage and moves them to cheaper bulk storage. These could span on-premises NAS format disk filers and S3 format object stores. SpectraLogic object format tape vaults and Amazon’s public cloud S3 store. The software also restores archived data.

Jeff Braunstein, a Spectra Logic product manager, wrote in a blog post: “The new functionality makes it easier than ever for customers to migrate their data off of expensive primary storage and manage it effortlessly throughout its lifecycle so that it remains available and protected to provide long-term value to organisations.”

Moved file data retains its original format. This means applications can continue to access the data even though it resides in slower access repositories.

StorCycle v3.3 additions.

StorCycle 3.3 supports standard hot, cold and archive tiers in Azure. Files migrated to AWS’s S3 tier can now be tiered off to S3 Glacier and/or Glacier Deep Archive for lower-cost retention. 

Users can get real time migration and data move progress indicators – this is useful as large data movements can take many minutes. They can also receive an alert when a data restoration job completes.

Data movements and the tiering work are programmable through an open RESTful API interface. Users can code custom workflow commands and integrations with StorCycle. Braunstein suggests these “commands might be used for actions such as bulk creation of storage locations, scripting of migrations that first require actions of other systems, and allowing user restores through a separate web portal.”

StorCycle 3.3 is available now to supported users. New users can buy StorCycle as stand-alone software or paired with Spectra hardware.