Komprise identifies cold Azure data and sends it to Blobs

Starting today, Komprise users can migrate file data to Azure Files and Azure NetApp Files. Cold file data is movable to cheaper Azure Blob storage classes transparently, reducing cloud network attached storage (NAS) costs by up to 70 per cent, Komprise claims.

Earl Williams, systems engineer at the fashion company Carhartt, is an early customer. “At Carhartt, we are transforming to a cloud-first strategy using Microsoft Azure, and we wanted to reduce storage and backup costs for our Digital Asset Management data,” he said. “By using Komprise, we were able to identify that 60 per cent of our data was cold, and we have now been able to transparently archive it to lower-cost Azure Blob storage.”


Komprise COO Krishna Subramanian said in the launch statement: “Customers are increasingly looking to run traditional file workloads in the cloud, especially with the rapid pace of digital transformation happening across businesses right now.”


Komprise provides a data management abstraction layer that covers on-premises, AWS and Azure. We expect it will add support for Google Cloud, in due course. The intent is to enable customers to tier files from filers to lower-cost and slower access object stores. Data can be moved entirely on-prem, within public clouds and their regions, or between on-prem and cloud.

Komprise Cloud Data Growth Analytics concept with expected targets.

In all these cases data location and storage tiers are controlled to get the right data into the right place and cost-optimised tier of storage. To do this, Komprise uses Elastic Data Management (KEDM), a file migration utility incorporating parallelisation that runs 27 times faster than Linux Rsync, according to the company’s internal benchmarks. 

The Komprise software is available in the Azure Marketplace and has achieved co-sell ready status through the Microsoft One Commercial Partner program.