Druva adds NAS filer backup and archive to the cloud

Druva has launched a cloud-backup and archive service for network attached storage (NAS). It says this is an industry first – and the cost-saving pitch is that it does away with file backup systems.

Stephen Manley

CTO Stephen Manley said in the launch statement today: “By reducing data copies and redundant data centrally with our patent global source-side deduplication, Druva’s new offering eliminates storage management headaches while delivering the built-in ransomware protection today’s businesses need.”

Druva’s core SaaS is built atop on AWS. Phoenix for NAS can be deployed in under 15 minutes with no storage hardware, according to the company The scale-out, on demand service uses proxies (agents) and supportsNFS and SMB devices. Files can be recovered from any point-in-time in backup and archive tiers.

Phoenix for NAS diagram. The Phoenix NAS proxy is agent software.

Using Phoenix for NAS, files are backed up to a warm storage tier for short term recovery needs, with automatic tiering of data to 30 per cent cheaper cold storage for long-term, one year-plus, retention. There is also a 50 per cent cheaper direct-to-cold infrequent access tier for archived large data sets with infrequent recovery requirements. Indexed files and metadata are available by search from hot to cold storage tiers.

Data is encrypted in-flight and at rest and deduplication conceals reference data and metadata. The backup are Isolated and immutable and protected with envelope encryption. This encrypts the backup data with a data encryption key, which in turn is encrypted with a root key. This is how Druva provides ransomware protection.

Druva’s software analyse data sets and makes recommendations for the exclusion of non-critical business data from backups and long-term retention copies. This helps to lower storage costs and speed backup operations.

Phoenix for NAS is available now, but note the Infrequent access tier is in early release with limited availability.