Intel regains IO500 HPC bragging rights from WekaIO

Intel has leapfrogged WekaIO to claim the IO500 fastest HPC file system. WekaIO supplanted Intel to take top place in the previous IO500 league table, which was published in November 2019.

Compiled by The Virtual Institute for IO, the IO500 benchmarks measures bandwidth, metadata and namespace searching. Last November, WekaIO scored 938.95 versus Intel’s 933.64. In the latest ranking, Intel scored 1,792.98 with WekaIO hitting the same number as last time. Here are the top five results:

Intel also took the IO500 third slot with a Texas Advanced Computing Centre Frontera system using DAOS, which scored 768.80.

DAOS (Distributed Application Object Storage) is Intel’s open source file system for high performance computing. It accelerate file accesses using NVRAM and Optane storage-class memory plus NVMe storage in user space. 

The DAOS software stack is still under development – for example, Intel has adapted the IO driver to work better with the IOR and MDTEST components of the IO500 benchmark.

DAOS placed second on the November 2019 ‘Full List’, using 26 client nodes. Better performance can be expected with a larger set of client nodes, particularly for metadata tests that scale with the number of client nodes. In the latest test, Intel doubled node count to 52 and nearly doubled performance.

Over to you, Weka.