Nutanix hooks Calico into Karbon 2.1 Kubernetes management tool

Nutanix’s goal for Karbon, a management app for Kubernetes, is to provide an integrated all-in-one framework to build and run containerised apps. That way, customers can go cloud-native with their Nutanix platform.

The company this week updated Karbon with networking, storage and API enhancements to further that goal. Version 2.1 adds storage volume cloning and expansion, to aid data protection. API hooks enable Karbon to work with Nutanix Calm and ServiceNow (or other apps that can use API calls). This helps automation and the more granular provisioning of Kubernetes clusters.

Nutanix Karbon diagram.

Calico networking

Nutanix has chosen Calico as the standard Kubernetes CNI (Container Network Interface) for Karbon 2.1, which will simplify network and security administration, according to the company.

Open source Calico is effectively a de facto standard for adding networking to containers, Nutanix says.

The code was invented and largely maintained by a company called Tigera. “By bringing Calico’s run-anywhere security enforcement to Karbon customers, developers and cluster operators enjoy a consistent experience and set of capabilities accelerating their Kubernetes journey, ” said Amit Gupta, Tigera VP of product management.

Karbon 2.1 follows Karbon 2.0 in short order. The predecessor came out in February and introduced Prism Pro management integration, network isolation for ransomware protection, plus 1-click Kubernetes upgrades.