Dell debuts oven-ready AI platforms to ease researchers’ setup pain

Dell EMC announced yesterday a bunch of reference architectures and pre-defined workstation, server and Isilon scale-out filer bundles for data scientists and researchers working in artificial intelligence.

In effect these are recipes that are quicker to prepare and easier to cook than starting from scratch using raw ingredients only.

Dell’s purpose for the initiative is to reduce the time that customers take in setting up workstations, servers, filers, system software, and installing cloud-native working environments. That frees up more time for analysis and AI model runs.

A Dell spokesperson said: “AI initiatives generally start small in the proof-of-concept stage but preparation and model training are often the most time-consuming portions of the job. Combining hardware and software, Dell’s new AI-ready solutions will hasten researchers’ ability to stand up AI applications efficiently.”

Dell EMC Isilon H400

David Frattura, a senior Dell technology strategist, details the eight AI reference bundles in this blog. The architectures encompass use cases such as machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, high performance computing, data analytics, Splunk, data science and modelling.

The buzzword benefits are legion; deploy faster, achieve greater model accuracy, accelerate business value and more on your AI digital transformation journey.