Commvault guns for mid-market with Metallic SaaS backup and recovery

Commvault today launched Metallic Backup, a set of cloud-native data protection services targeted at the “most commonly used workloads in the mid-market”.

The SaaS-y backup and recovery service is available on monthly or annual subscription and is wrapped in three flavours:

Metallic Core Backup and Recovery backs up file servers, SQL servers and virtual machines in the cloud and on-premises. Linux and Windows file servers are supported.

Metallic Office 365 Backup and Recovery backs up Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Metallic Endpoint Backup and Recovery backs up notebooks and PCs running Linux, Windows and MacOS. An endpoint software package is installed on the notebooks and PCs.

Metallic is a data protection game-changer, Robert Kaloustian, general manager of Metallic, proclaimed at Commvault GO in Denver: “Metallic is fast, secure, reliable and, with enterprise-grade scalability, ”

According to, Commvault, customers can sign up for Metallic and start their first backup in 15 minutes.Using Metallic, customers backup on-premises data to their own backup target system, or to their public cloud, Metallic’s public cloud, or a mixture of both. Metallic supports AWS and Azure.

Servers in the cloud are backed up to the cloud.

An on-premises backup gateway functions as a proxy between the on-premises data source and the cloud backup service. When using on-premises backup storage, backup data is stored on this backup gateway.

These three services are evolutions, functionally, of previously announced Commvault data protection-as-a-service offerings.

Commvault’s Complete Backup and Recovery as-a-Service (B&RaaS) portfolio was announced in October 2018, comprising Complete B&RaaS, Complete B&RaaS for Virtual Machines and Commvault Complete B&RaaS for Native Cloud Applications. 

Commvault Endpoint Data Protection as a Service was launched in November 2018. Metallic beta testing supported backing up Salesforce data. It is not supported in this release of the product. Neither does Metallic support disaster recovery-as-a-service.


Metallic is competing with other public cloud-based SaaS backup services from Clumio, Druva, and Igneous. Clumio is based on a Cloud Data Fabric hosted on Amazon S3 object storage, and backs up AWS and on-premises VMware virtual machines. Druva’s offering is AWS based and can tier data in AWS S3, Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive. Igneous is also AWS-based and can tier data to S3, Standard-IA. Glacier, and Glacier Deep Archive.

Prices and availability

Commvault partners sell Metallic which is available in the USA now, and will roll out worldwide in the future. Prices are based on monthly usage and are $0.20/GB/month for 0 -4TB, $0.18/GB/month for 5 – 24TB, $0.14/GB/month for 25 – 100B, and customers need to contact a Commvault partner for pricing at 100-plus TB/month

A 45-day free trial of Metallic can be accessed via