Caringo releases Swarm 11

Caringo is speeding up large video transfers with Swarm 11, an update for its video-centric object storage platform.

Swarm 11 integrates with on-demand workflows and provides:

  • Large file bulk upload in the content UI, 
  • Partial File Restore (video clipping), 
  • File sharing, 
  • Backup to any Amazon S3 region/device.

Any Swarm domain or an entire cluster can be backed up to Amazon S3, Glacier or an S3-compliant device or service via S3 Lifecycle rules.

Multi GB-sized files are uploaded to the object store straight from a browser, using parallel ingest streams. There is no need for an intervening gateway or spooler device to ensure all file fragments are uploaded correctly. 

Partial file restore – or clipping – downloads specific portions of a video, in contrast with tape video archives which transfer the entire video. This speeds editing, internal sharing and streaming. Broad CODEC support is available through an API for integration into asset management systems with MP4-based clipping available directly from the Swarm Content Management interface.

Authorised users can generate a streamable URL for any file from the Swarm Content Portal, using Swarm File Sharing. They can email, download or Slack the URL for secure internal or external sharing.

Caching vs fast-access object store

Caringo takes a different approach than CTERA which launched its Media Filer yesterday.

Transferring large video files to and from the cloud – a remote object store – is time consuming. CTERA addresses this with the Media Filer box, which is a local cache, and instant streaming of cloud files to reduce time to the last byte.

Caringo prefers to offer partial downloads, letting users select short clips to access in a large file. It can also upload files with parallel IO, shortening the file movement time. This is not something that CTERA offers.

Swarm 11 is available today.