CTERA’s Media Filer adds cloud scale and sharing

Distributed creative content teams need to share content files from a multiplicity of devices and locations. CTERA’s Media Filer enables that, adding cloud-scale and security to the mix.

CTERA produces secure cloud storage gateways cum Edge filers. It has developed this technology to build a cloud-connected edge filer box, the HC2400M, for media and entertainment-type operations.

CTERA Edge Filer product line.

This all-in-one box provides the access speed of local files, the scale of the cloud and enables media file sharing by distributed content teams. The specifications are:

Existing NAS systems can be tossed. The Media Filer provides transparent migration from them with preservation of share structure and file permissions. It also has intelligent cloud tiering which can automatically move files not needed for current projects or reference up to a cloud. This can be public or private, and S3 is supported.

Once evicted such moved files have a stub left behind, pointing to the cloud destination. This slows access and then restoration from the cloud adds to the file’s access latency. The Media Filer causes instant streaming from the cloud when a stub is opened  to mitigate this.

Users can specify that certain files stay local to guarantee the fastest access performance.

CTERA has added source-based encryption, firewall fencing, virus scanning and Active Directory integration. To support distributed teams the Media Filer has:

  • Continuous multi-site sync between filers and endpoints
  • Cloud-mapped cached desktop drive for roaming team members
  • Native and secure access mobile app
  • Direct cloud upload of large files
  • Authenticated web access for external users.

There is built-in backup and archiving with file-level versioning for users to self-restore files.

Advertising business WPP is a flagship Media Filer customer. The Media Filer is available now through CTERA’s channel and you can download a datasheet.