Liqid goes fabric-happy for composability

Liqid, the composable systems maker, is extending connectivity fabric support to enable customers to dynamically compose servers from pools of CPU, GPU, FPGA, NVMe, and NICs regardless of underlying fabric type.

Liqid’s soon-to-be-released Command Center 2.2 software will support PCIe Gens 3 and 4, Ethernet (10/25/100 Gbit/s (10/25/100 Gbit/s), and Infiniband, and lays the foundation for supporting Gen-Z specifications

Liqid is a member of the Gen-Z consortium and will actively support Gen Z in future releases of Liqid Command Center Software.

Customers will be able to simultaneously compose infrastructure across multiple fabric types. Resources such as NVMe (RoCE) storage, GPUs (with GPU-oF meaning GPUDirect RDMA) and FPGAs are deployed as needed via multiple fabrics, and monitored through a single GUI.

Liqid multi-fabric scheme.

Sumit Puri, Liqid CEO, gave out a quote: “Providing Ethernet and Infiniband composability in addition to PCIe is a natural extension of our expertise in fabric management.”

Removing the de facto requirement for a single composable systems fabric is a good thing. It will be interesting to see if other compassable systems suppliers such as DriveScale,HPE (Synergy) and Dell EMC follow suit.

General availability of Liqid Command Center 2.2 is expected in the second half of 2019.