Cannabis farmer-pharma firm pots Pivot3 to store videocam footage

The Wayland Group, a Canadian cannabis grower, is using Pivot3’s hyperconverged system to ensure compliance with regulations in its home country.

Health Canada regulations require cannabis growers to maintain a rolling two years of video footage. Footage can be requested for review at any time. That can mean searching petabytes of data to find it.

I saw what you smoked last night

The Wayland Group uses 300 video cameras to surveil the perimeter and buildings at its farm in Langton, Ontario. These are controlled by Milestone video management software running in Pivot3’s Safe Campus System.

Stephen Lem, Wayland Group’s senior director for security, said: “Pivot3 enables us to respond to video requests from Health Canada very quickly. What once took hours now takes under a minute.”

Wayland is gunning for global expansion to meet the demand for legal cannabis and say it can scale out Pivot3 to support its growth. As part of that it aims to add enterprise resource planning software to the system.