Kaleao gets fresh CEO

Hyperconverged startup Kaleao has appointed Komprise sales boss sales Tony Craythorne as its new CEO.

Kaleao’s KMAX technology uses ARM servers with FPGAs and a virtual NIC concept to build scalable hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) systems.

Tony Craythorne

Craythorne was the SVP for world-wide sales at file data lifecycle management company Komprise, joining in November 2017, and SVP for world-wide sales at Nexsan before then.

A Kaleao spokesperson said: “This news has been not announced or confirmed as yet.”

Kaleao was involved in a 2016 EU ExaNeST exascale supercomputing project and so has a high-performance mindset. It’s 3U KMAX-HD chassis, intended for hyperscale deployments, has 192 64-bit, 8-core ARM CPUs inside it, plus 24TB of tier-1 flash and up to 368TB of tier-2 flash; NVMe SSDs.

KMAX server

The newer KMAX-EP with a 4U chassis was announced in April 2017 with general availability in the second half of 2018. It was intended to fit in general enterprise data centre racks, unlike the KMAX-HD which had certain limitations in that area.

The company is headquartered in Cambridge, England, with an office in North Carolina, USA, a development centre in Crete, and offices in France and Italy. Its CEO was co-founder Giampietro Tecchiolli, an Italian academic, who took on the role in October 2015.

Ex-ARM Director for Technology and Systems John Goodacre is the second Kaleao co-founder and its Chief Scientific Officer. He is also Professor of Computer Architecture at the University of Manchester in England. Goodacre left the ARM role in October 2018, three years after Kaleao was started.

Greg Nicoloso, the third co-founder, is Kaleao’s Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager, and based in the USA. Paolo Stecca is listed as Kaleao’s VP Operations but he left in September last year; six months ago, according to LinkedIn.

US-based Hilary Longo is Kaleao’s VP for Business Development and Marketing.

Kaleao says it has strong financial backing but we have no details of the amount.