WekaIO hits the SPEC SFS 2014 ball out of the park

WekaIO has made a clean sweep of all five SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark categories.

SPEC SFS 2014 is a file serving benchmark with five different workloads: software builds, video streaming (VDA), electronic design automation, virtual desktop infrastructure and database. Each category test results in a numerical score and an overall response time (ORT.)

WekaIO’s Matrix software is a scale-out, parallel file system. It topped the software build category in January 2019 and has now achieved the top rank in outright performance and in response time, for the other categories

Here is a table it published:

A composite chart shows WekaIO’s overall position:

The missing columns in the chart are there because not all vendors enter test results in each of the five categories.

According to this benchmark WekaIO Matrix is the fastest file serving system available.

Our understanding is that WekaIO’s performance grows linearly as nodes are added. If a competing vendor beats WekaIO in any category then it can just add nodes and beat them in turn.

Such is the nature of scale-out file storage.

Its two software build results, with a score of 1,200 from a 4-node system and 5,700 from a 6-node system, bear this out.


If WekaIO can beat any other competitor via node addition, then it can be argued that it has effectively killed the SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark.

Blocks & Files contends that you can’t have a benchmark in which there is only ever one winner. This benchmark needs a price/performance aspect or some other attribute so that there is another way of ranking suppliers rather than sheer performance modified by overall response time.