Dell EMC adds compression to Isilon all-flash filer

Dell EMC’s Isilon group has added compression to the F810 all-flash filer, guaranteeing logical capacity at twice raw capacity.

There is also ClarityNow software to locate, access and manage data across file and object storage on-premises and in the cloud.

in common with other systems in the range, the F810 can scale out to a 144-node cluster. The table below provides a snapshot of the range.

The F810 is roughly equivalent to an F800 with added in-line compression. Dell EMC says this can compress data up to 3x but guarantees at least 2x for one year, giving it a 2.2PB logical capacity per  4U – 60 drive chassis. A 144-node cluster of F810s would have up to 79.6PB of logical capacity.

The IOPS and throughput rating of the F810 are identical to those of the F800 but the raw capacity range is different – 230TB to 924TB. This compares to the F800’s 96TB to 924TB. The F810 can be added to existing Isilon clusters.

More Clarity

ClarityNow provides a foundation on which Dell EMC can build secondary file data management facilities to compete with Cohesity and Rubrik. 

The unstructured data management package provides a unified global file system view across heterogeneous distributed storage and the public cloud. Users have self-service capabilities to index, find, use and move files anywhere within this file system.

The software can cope with billions of files, according to Dell EMC, and the heterogeneity appears to be a useful attribute.