Komprise customers granted more cold data storage options

Komprise, the purveyor of file lifecycle management software, has increased the number of cold storage destinations for ageing files and added NetApp Cloud Volumes support.

Komprise Intelligent Data Management 2.9 can transparently archive cold data from CloudVolumes to S3, S3 IA and Glacier. NetApp Cloud Volumes supports the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), as does Komprise – so we should expect Komprise to add similar support for Cloud Volumes on GCP.

Intelligent Data Management 2.9 includes multi-vendor data lifecycle management.  Users set policies that define how data moves across classes of different vendors’ storage and Komprise moves the data as it ages. The outcome is reduced access rates.

The upgrade is available now at no charge for supported users.

File away

Komprise’s software is designed for organisations that need to store large volumes of infrequently accessed files. For financial reasons, that typically means the data is stored on different tiers of storage, ranging from fast access to archive class. It is difficult to manage these different storage tiers yourself, particularly with multiple vendor n the mix.

Komprise enables customers to manage the lifecycle of file data as if the files are in a single access-point virtual silo. It moves file data to where it is required.

Intelligent Data Management finds files and builds a metadata dictionary to describe them. As files age, the software can move files from the original storage tier to cheaper options.

These can include the public cloud or on-premises formats such as slower NAS, object and tape.  If necessary, Komprise converts files to objects en route but preserves full file characteristics. This means there is no need to rehydrate the file data when accessed.

Also dynamic links are used so that files can be accessed from their original location, without the need to use left-behind stubs.

Schematic diagram of Komprise software functionality