Kaminario CEO completes Epic Israel bikeathon

Once upon a time Kaminario CEO Dani Golan streaked above the Israel landscape in fighter jets. Now he uses self-propelled wheeled transport and has just completed an Epic Israel mountain bike marathon, a three-day stage race.

Dani Golan looking composed while punching the pedals

Day one was 98km, day two 105km and day three 62km with between 1500m and 2400m climbing each day, and a time limit for completion. There were more than 130 competitors, men and women, from 25 countries and 84 UCI riders, competing in various categories.

After three days in the saddle, Golan is possibly the fittest and the most exhausted storage company CEO in the business.

What’s next for the challenge junkie? He is eyeing an eight-day event in South Africa next year …

Are there any other fitness freaking storage CEOs and execs out there? Let us know!