SingleStore makes it easier for firms to put Iceberg data to work

SingleStore has added bi-directional integration with data lake Apache Iceberg, to help users get to the data easier, and enable them to build intelligent applications.

SingleStore’s database combines real-time transactional and analytics features and has hundreds of customers, including Siemens, Uber, Palo Alto Networks and SiriusXM.

While Apache Iceberg is used to store massive datasets, enterprises can struggle to use the data, due to complex, and sometimes costly processes required to “thaw” it, including extensive ETL workflows and compute-intensive Spark jobs.

The SingleStore integration is said to address the “critical challenge” faced by enterprises, where an estimated 90 percent of data remains “frozen” in lakehouses, and is unusable for powering interactive applications, analytics or AI, maintains the provider.

SingleStore is promising low-latency ingestion, bi-directional data flow and real-time application performance at “lower cost” for intelligent applications and analytics. Its product is currently available in public preview, and customers will “soon” be able to create external tables in SingleStore based on Iceberg data, build projections on these tables, and go to work on frozen data.

“Our vision has always been to provide one single data store for all companies to be able to take advantage of speed, scale and simplicity,” said Raj Verma, CEO of SingleStore. “With this release we believe we are enabling a significant portion of the market that today cannot build real-time modern applications on data stored in data lakes.”

Raj Verma.

In addition to the Iceberg integration, SingleStore has added vector search features that include range searches and filters (in public preview), to help enterprises “easily build” and scale generative AI applications.

The company is also announcing the general availability of new capabilities in full-text search, including improved relevance scoring, phonetic similarity, fuzzy matching and keyword-proximity-based ranking. SingleStore says this means organizations can now simplify their data architectures by eliminating the need for additional specialty databases to build generative AI and real-time applications.

In addition, with the Autoscaling feature in the latest release (in public preview), customers can ensure application performance by scaling compute resources up or down “automatically in seconds” to adjust to unpredictable workloads, while “avoiding billing surprises”.

“The integration with Iceberg, plus enhancing our platform’s scaling and processing capabilities, will allow users to better access and harness their data in real time, for the next wave of generative AI and data applications,” said Nadeem Asghar, head of engineering at SingleStore.

SingleStore added features to its Pro Max database to make AI app development faster earlier this year.