LucidLink delivers Strawberries for creatives

LucidLink has turned to Projective Technology to supply remote workers in post-production workflow environments with what it hopes is fast file delivery.

Projective provides post-production facilities for broadcasters, creative agencies, and video production facilities worldwide. LucidLink’s FileSpaces product streams file segments directly from a central cloud vault as they are needed.

Derek Barrilleaux, Projective Technology CEO, said of the partnership this week: “For years everyone’s been trying to run post-production in the cloud. There’s been limited success moving some of the workflows, but latency for true editorial needs remained an issue. LucidLink made real-time collaboration and remote editing possible, but to run post-production at scale in the cloud you need a framework that brings structure and efficiency to your editing projects.

“This is what makes the combination of Strawberry with LucidLink so compelling. Strawberry’s project-based, intuitive workflows, together with LucidLink’s support for remote connectivity, breaks down collaboration barriers and eliminates creative silos.”

The deal involves the the integration of Projective’s post-production collaboration platform, Strawberry, with LucidLink’s remote connectivity software, to provide, they say, the best of both worlds: the structure, security, and versatility of Strawberry with the scale and global accessibility of LucidLink, enabling enterprise-level post-production and accelerating time-to-delivery. 

Strawberry offers what’s said to be intelligence around project management, permissions, and sharing, with comprehensive asset and project-based search capabilities that is supposed to allow users to locate their content quickly, no matter where they are. Capabilities such as Strawberry’s review and approval framework, Avid-style bin locking, and workflow extensions for Adobe Creative Cloud are now extended to remote users through LucidLink’s Filespaces.

Scott Miller, global partners and alliances director at LucidLink, spoke of “delivering a shared space for real-time, remote collaboration. The integration enables multiple users to easily manage their projects at scale through Strawberry’s content management tools, from anywhere, at the same time, and with the flexibility, security, and performance that LucidLink delivers.”

To try out Projective’s Strawberry remote collaboration with LucidLink, book a demo today:

Our view:

Once again the tough demands of the entertainment and media industry provide an opening for a seemingly innovative startup in what some would consider to be a mature area – cloud-delivered file collaboration services. LucidLink is making progress because neither CTERA, Hammerspace, Nasuni, nor Panzura have the functionality and/or partnership required, in our opinion.