GigaOM names Druva and Commvault as cloud-based data protection front-runners

Commvault is ahead of Druva in research house GigaOM’s cloud-based data protection Sonar report, with the two front-runners closely chased by HYCU.

A Sonar report looks at emerging technologies and market segments and carts playes in a semi circular space; the Sonar diagram, with leaders and challengers sections and a feature-vs-platform play mapping. The report text includes an overview, considerations for adoption, a Sonar chart positioning reviewed vendors, vendor insights and a near-term technology roadmap. There are nine players included:  Appranix, AWS, Clumio, Commvault, Druva, Elastio, Google, HYCU and Microsoft. The diagram includes explanatory text to explain the vendor positioning.

Note that platform players support more workloads than feature players. AWS,Microsoft (Azure) and Google only backup their own cloud workloads and hence are feature plays.Clumio is AWS-based but also supports Microsoft 365 and VMware Cloud on AWS

The report authors, Arjan Timmerman and Max Mortillaro, say they looked at cloud-based data protection tools which were hosted in the cloud, built using a cloud back end (such as microservices or a serverless architecture) and used cloud storage. In their view: “Containers, serverless functions, native snapshot capabilities, and immutable object storage available in multiple tiers and flavors are foundational components of cloud-based data protection solutions.”

Commvault, with its Metallic offering, leads this group of vendors and “protects a very broad range of cloud workloads that would be tedious to fully enumerate.” It also supports on-premises workloads including endpoints, virtual and containerized environments, databases, file storage, and object storage. The authors say: “Native disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) capabilities are currently missing for Metallic but are on the near-term roadmap.”

Second-placed Druva is AWS-based but recently added Azure support. It needs to go further, as the authors say:”the lack of native VM support for GCP may be a concern for organizations with infrastructure on that platform.”

Number 3 player HYCU supports multiple cloud environments, but needs to expand its Azure workload support, and has a DRaaS offering  plus cyber-resiliency features as well as on-premises workloads support.

Two vendors are new to us:

  • Appranix has a cloud-nativie, SaaS-based Cloud Resilience Copilot offering that provides backup and disaster recovery for AWS, Azure, Google and VMware.
  • Elastio, a start-up providing AWS Backup-based data protection with ransomware and recovery capabilities.

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