Cohesity strengthens cloud data security reach

Cohesity is expanding its Data Security Alliance ecosystem with six Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) vendors: longstanding partner BigID, Cyera, Dig Security, Normalyze, Sentra, and Securiti. 

The Data Security Alliance was set up in November, housing nine members. At the time CEO Sanjay Poonen said: “We are partnering with these industry heavyweights so they can leverage our platform, the Cohesity Data Cloud, to help customers easily integrate data security and resilience into their overall security strategy.” 

It is part of Cohesity’s DSPM approach that focuses on data to protect it, with technologies and processes used to identify sensitive data, classify and monitor it, and reduce the risk of unauthorized access to critical data.

We understand that, as the DSPM market is still in its early stages, Cohesity has looked at the plethora of players in the space and rather than picking a single vendor, partnered with the largest share of the market and let its customers decide what’s right for them to best protect against today’s cyber threats. 

Cohesity says DSPM is a three-phase process:

  1. Discover and classify data automatically – it continuously finds and labels sensitive, proprietary, or regulated data across all environments, whether on-prem, hybrid, or multicloud.
  2. Detect which data is at risk and prioritize fixing the problem area – by automatically and continuously monitoring for any violations of an organization’s security policies.
  3. Fix data risks and prevent them from reoccurring – any DSPM-discovered data access problem is fixed and the organization’s security posture and policies adjusted to stop a repeat event.

Last month Tata consultancy Services joined Cohesity’s Data Security Alliance, bringing its TCS Cyber Defense Suite portfolio into play. At that point the Data Security Alliance contained 15 members: BigID, Cisco, CyberArk, Mandiant, Netskope, Okta, Palo Alto Networks, PwC UK, Qualys, Securonix, ServiceNow, Splunk, TCS, and Zscaler. BigID is not a new member this month so there are five new members, taking the total to 20 (19 when Cisco buys Splunk).

Cohesity claims that its new DSA group represents the majority of the DSPM market, which means it has 20 partners helping to push its security messaging and services. It is particularly concerned about data in the public cloud, saying 82 percent of breaches involve data stored there. Cloud adoption continues to increase, and copies of data are often shared between clouds without oversight by IT or security, resulting in the growth of shadow data, which is untracked.


The integration with Normalyze, Cohesity’s initial design partner, is expected to be available within 30 days. The company’s partnership with BigID on enterprise-grade, AI-powered data classification grows through this new integration with SmallID (BigID’s DSPM product) and is expected to be available in 60 days. Additional DSPM partner integrations will be available in the coming months.