Cohesity gets OwnBackup technology partnership

Cohesity has set up a technology partnership with OwnBackup which has an established footprint in the Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and ServiceNow SaaS application backup market.

Update. More partnership details added by Cohesity. 28 March 2023.

Traditional and recently established data protection vendors protect on-premises physical and virtual servers and applications running in them, and also customer data stored in the main public clouds, but protecting SaaS application data is a relatively new market. OwnBackup has helped to build this, with vendors such as HYCU and Asigra working to expand the number of protected SaaS applications.

Sanjay Poonen.

Cohesity CEO Sanjay Poonen said: “As a leader in enterprise data security and management, we want to partner with the best-in-class in their area. We’re excited to partner with a leader in SaaS data protection to continue to deliver innovative solutions that our customers can confidently rely on.” 

Sam Gutmann, CEO, OwnBackup said: “Partnering with Cohesity is a natural fit, as they share our commitment to helping organizations protect the data that they rely on everyday. Together, we’ll enable customers to take ownership of more of their data and leverage it to improve their business.”

The two are announcing a technology partnership for essential SaaS applications, also including Microsoft 365 which Cohesity already protects. They say they will work to provide service consolidation and flexibility of backup environment choices suited to customers’ needs. Customers will be able to select to back up their data to their on-premises environment, or to a fully-managed cloud environment.

Sam Gutmann.

The pair are working on a joint offer to consolidate the protection of SaaS applications on a single system, streamlining IT operations, reducing attack vectors for cybercriminals to exploit, and providing business continuity to counter data disruption.

There are no further details yet available about what this Cohesity-OwnBackup partnership will develop.

Dan Lepine, senior director of IT Infrastructure at business software supplier Epicor, said: “We look forward to seeing how the partnership between Cohesity and OwnBackup can simplify how we protect and manage our most important asset: our corporate data. Being able to visualize and manage our on-premises and SaaS backup data side-by-side can bring efficiencies into how we manage those data sets.”

We suspect a kind of additional Cohesity DataProtect service with an integrated OwnBackup component adding the Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and ServiceNow app protection Cohesity presently lacks. Cohesity’s management tools for backup and security will be expanded to cover the integrated OwnBackup processes and data sets. We expect a single subscription deal covering Cohesity’s native and integrated OwnBackup technology.


A Cohesity spokesperson told us: “Cohesity and OwnBackup have announced an exclusive strategic partnership to help customers consolidate how they protect their leading SaaS application data. The partnership will focus on protecting the following SaaS applications: M365, SFDC, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and ServiceNow, and we will have more details in the coming months on the integration.”

“While the integration work is happening, we will have a “meet in the field/channel” go-to-market motion. Once the integration is completed, customers will have greater flexibility to choose where they backup their data to, including the cloud or on-prem destinations. Additionally, customers will be able to manage their SaaS application protection using Cohesity Helios, the SaaS-based control plane, or OwnBackup’s user interface.”

“We will share more in the coming months on integration capabilities, pricing details, and payment options.”

Cohesity is strengthening its partnering activities. This OwnBackup deal closely follows one with IBM in which Cohesity’s DataProtect products form part of IBM’s Storage Defender suite.