Virtual datacenter crew VergeIO appoints Mike Wall as board chairperson

Mike Wall, CEO, ionir

Datacenter virtualizer has appointed storage and tech industry veteran Mike Wall as its board chairperson, shortly after releasing some numbers for its second quarter.

Mike Wall.

Wall was the chairman and CEO at Kubernetes data-moving startup Ionir and took over its CEO spot from incumbent and co-founder Jacob Cherian in July 2021. This followed Ionir’s $11 million A-round in September 2020. No follow-on funding has been announced.

He exited the Ionir Chairman and CEO roles in March this year, giving Cherian his second stint at running the company.

Wall said in a statement: “Coming off of a record-breaking quarter makes this is an exciting time to be a part of the team and I look forward to helping continue the sales velocity that we’ve achieved.”

Privately-owned said it had 3x annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth to a record level in the third quarter of 2022 compared to the second quarter. It said the second quarter was also a record. The growth came from existing customers subscribing to more software and from new customers. It did not provide financial figures. said its sales cycle was shortening, with new customers making orders in a matter of weeks from first contact, and it reckons the sales pipeline has more potential customers in it than ever. The company is looking at expanding its sales channels to capitalize on this customer interest.

The customers are subscribing to software which uses hyperconverged infrastructure to build a nested, multi-tenant, software-defined datacenter (SDDC) for enterprises and MSPs.

An SDDC is built from compute, storage, and network servers in resource pools. The storage can be a vSAN (block) or a NAS (files) and uses blockchain technology. The storage supports encryption, global deduplication, long-distance sync, snapshotting, recovery and auto-failover. SDDCs can be moved via dashboard button clicks from one platform to another, cloned for another set of tenants or department in an existing customer, or set up for a new customer.

This helps scale an MSP’s business. They and other customers get a single license which replaces multiple hypervisor, network, storage, data protection, and management tools to simplify technology stacks. CEO Yann Ness said: “Such strong quarter-over-quarter success shows that our efforts to provide a single piece of software that simplifies the data center process and offers a secure multi-tenancy for clouds is resonating in the marketplace. We are very pleased with the results of Q3 2022 given that we launched our website only 7 months ago and most of our sales team has only been in place for 6 months.”

Ness said: “ is poised to continue its pattern of growth as we provide a better alternative to traditional legacy cloud architectures that are too complex and require too much management.”

If can continue its growth despite the worsening economic situation then Wall and Ness will really have something to crow about.